About us

      Rank One Apparel is a quality clothing brand created with the rough-stock rodeo athlete in mind, but we also believe that in any extreme sport the same amount of hard work and discipline are required to succeed. In Rodeo a Rank One is the best stock the bull or horse that you want to draw, he will be tough to ride but when you do you will earn a high score! Rank One also means that you are number one at the top! So no matter what you are doing go hard push yourself and be RANK ONE!!

       Rank One is a clothing company that centers its focus on the rough stock/ rodeo lifestyle. Will, Wyatt, and Zane Smith are three brothers from Broken Bow, Nebraska whom founded the company in 2014.

Rank One started as an idea in 2012 among the brothers while traveling to a Mid – States Rodeo. Drawing from the encouragement from one another and the support of their traveling partners, they brought their clothing line to life by having the logo trademarked in 2013. By 2014 the LLC was official and their creative designs and quality clothing have a strong following.